Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And...blessed are they that receive

Do unto others has you would have them do unto you...Matthew 7:12
It is more blessed to give than receive...Acts 20:35

I've just emerged from 3 weeks of mourning the death of my semi-famous Uncle, David Wilkerson (I'm sure I'll write more on this later but here is a taste of the media coverage  There are lots of emotions wrapped around this event and I'm sure I will be taking the next few weeks to continue to unpack them.  Yet, so far, through this process what I've been meditating on is a new perspective on the scriptures quoted above. 

I've always felt more comfortable giving rather than receiving and often have trouble sharing my needs or asking for help.  But, these past few weeks I've realized the power of receiving from friends and family whose hearts were full and ready to offer condolences, prayers, words of encouragement through, wall posts, texts and emails.  I've felt the peace & grace of people's prayers in the past but none so powerful as was manifested to me through this sad season.  I began to think, what if I refused such an outpour, didn't read the posts & texts, didn't open cards, let the calls go to voicemail, refused the offers of meals & drinks...hid away, lived in a hermited existence alone with my grief? 
What a blessing I would've missed out on, that of receiving unconditional concern & love from friends, family and even strangers.  The depth of the familiar scripture in Acts 20:35, is that the blessing the giver receives in the act of giving also pours over to the receiver.  There would be no blessing if there was no giving, nor would there be a doubling of that blessing if the recipient did not open their arms to receive. 

I am coming to an increasing awareness that the Golden Rule applies to receiving care and allowing others to pour themselves into our lives.  Part of my "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" is saying yes I am in need and I gladly welcome your giving of yourself to me.  For example, if my friend is grieving and in need of support I would want them to accept whatever I have to give to them.  Then, as the logic begs, I must have the same attitude when receiving and in expressing my needs in time of crisis  and want. 

The bottom line is this:  What a godsend it has been for me to discover it is a blessing to share in the power of giving by allowing myself to be on the receiving end, without shame or embarrassment.  Rather, I am humbled and feel loved beyond what I could've imagined because I have let myself freely received the benefits of loved ones acting out the Golden Rule.

I won't always be this theological and serious in my blog, but this is what I'm feeling in the moment, so this is what I post may be on toe jam...not sure yet!

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